Fun Virtual Fitness Personal Training with Rosalyn Candy

  • Individual price includes custom video tutorial only
  • Please allow 48-72 hours to receive custom video
  • Custom Courses are provided via a YouTube Private link which is good for 30 days. 

Service Break Down

Chair Dance Fitness

An alternative to high impact aerobics and gym workouts.

Improves muscle tone.

Improves flexibility

Improve blood circulation.

Burns calories and inches.

Build and maintain muscle.

Core strengthening.

Feel sexy inside and out. 


Hula Hoop Fitness

Stay fit while having fun!! Perfect for the entire family. 

Burn calories.

Lose belly fat.

Burns body fat and inches.

Challenges core muscles.

Improves your balance.


Exotic Dance Fitness

Fun and effective. 

Build Self Esteem.

Embrace your Femininity. 

Core strengthening.

Upper body development.

Lower body stability. 

Lessen pressure on joints.


Flexibility Training

A positive state of mind

Improved physical performance.

Greater strength.

Less pain.

Improved posture and balance.










Virtual Workout with Rosalyn